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Where do I get my supplies from?

Art in general is expensive. You have the cost of your medium such as paint, charcoal, pastels, surfaces on which to create, fixatives if you need to varnish, and so on. The list goes on.

I am an acrylic artist, but I do like to dabble occasionally in other mediums. This is my opinion, but trying other mediums can help you with your preferred medium.

I obtain my supplies through a variety of sources. These include Amazon, Blick Art Supplies, Jerry's Artarama, Cheap Joes and Arteza to name a few. By way of disclosure, I am an affiliate with a few of the named vendors. If you click on the link provided below, I could receive payment.

Today I am going to highlight one of the stores I use. That is Arteza.

My preferred canvases and canvas panels, I buy through Arteza. This is my opinion, but their canvases and panels are well prepared. Canvases come in a variety of ways, however, the ones I use through Arteza, include stretched canvases, premium canvas panels and Arteza Acrylic Pads (paper that is primed to accept heavy body acrylic paint).

Arteza also has a line of excellent acrylic heavy body paints for artists. These have a beautiful consistency, good pigment load and a beautiful consistency.

I have also used Arteza's fabric paints when I paint on fabric. This is one of the best fabric paints I have used. They provide excellent coverage and adhere to the fabric with no other preparation. Just follow the instructions. These paints wash great with minimal fading, if the instructions for setting the paint is followed. Arteza also offers fabric markers which are great for setting your outlines, etc. These wash well as well. I have included a photo of one of the bags I painted using these paints and markers.

I recently tried oil paints. I found a set of oil paints on Arteza and used a coupon for my birthday and purchased the paints. (If you join their artist club, you get discounts like for your birthday.) I did not need canvases as most canvases are for oils as well as acrylics.

The paints had a good pigment load and were easy to use. Here is a picture of the paints I used and the two paintings I did in oil.

These are just a few of the art items that Arteza provides. Their supplies are not limited to paints, but include other crafting items, as well as supplies for classrooms. I have used soft pastels (chalk pastels), colored pencils, alcohol markers, water colors, etc., from Arteza. Their products are excellent and their customer service is A+. If I have a problem, damaged goods, dried up paint, a quick email, and they replace quickly. They ship quick as well.

Check out the art supplies at Arteza. Just click this link. You will be amazed as what they provide and their affordability.

Until the next blog....

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