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Which type of canvas should I use?

Canvas Sheets. I love canvas sheets for painting a tutorial or designing a new painting. They are cotton that is used for canvases that have been primed with Gesso. I like Frederix for canvas sheets; however, Paramount makes them as well. You can purchase canvas pads on Amazon or Jerry's Artarama. You can mount a canvas sheet to a backer board (sold where you get frames) and place in any frame of appropriate size.

This painting of the graduate walking away as created using a canvas sheet.

Canvas Panels. Canvas Panels are also good for tutorials or creating your own masterpiece. I like Arteza's Premium Panels as they are hardboards covered by a cotton canvas that has been primed with gesso. The advantage to canvas panels over stretched canvases is that you can store them easier not having to worry about damage to the canvas (just put a piece of parchment paper between the canvases) and you can frame canvas panels like canvas sheets in an appropriately sized frame. Stretched canvases need frames with the appropriate depth. Canvas panels and sheets can be framed in most photo frames.

This painting was created using a canvas panel. It is as stunning as a stretched canvas.

Arteza Acrylic Paper Pads. Arteza also has Acrylic Paper Pads. These are paper but have been coated with a primer that gives the texture of canvas and is appropriate for acrylic paints. These are great for the beginning painter as well. I used these for when I was first learning and still do some design work on them.

This pocket watch was created using the Arteza Acrylic Pads. You cannot tell it is paper.

Stretched Canvas. The final type canvas is stretched canvases. These are usually cotton primed with gesso stretched over wood bars. These are what most people think when they look at art, but as you see above, it is not the only type of canvas available. I use stretch canvases for anything bigger than 16" x 20" paintings. Framing needs to be frames that a designed for stretched canvas. You cannot use any frame for stretched canvas as you can for a canvas sheet or a canvas panel. It must be a frame that can accommodate the sides of the stretched canvas.

This painting was created from stretched canvas.

As you can see, there is no different in how the painting looks with any of the canvas options available. It is just preference.

You should subscribe to various art suppliers, like Jerry's Artarama, Dick Blick's Art Supplies, Cheap Joes Art Supplies and Arteza for emails. These emails will contain sales alerts. Canvases like paints and brushes go on sale. Stock up when you can save significant money.

Happy painting until my next blog.


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