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Catching Up on What I Have Been Up to in Acrylic Art and Watercolors!

It has been a while since I last blogged. Life, as we all know, has a way of interfering in our passions.

Since my last blog, the craft fair season is starting back up. I too am gearing up with some new craft and art for the events I am going to be attending on Saturday, April 29th, Saturday, May 6th, Saturday, May 13th and Saturday, June 3rd. The events and locations will be posted on my Facebook page

Since I last blogged, I have also started painting with watercolors. I have not stopped painting with acrylic paints. However, I went through a period where I lacked inspiration and drive to get out my paints and paint. When you hit a creative wall, STOP and as your GPS does redirect yourself. Painting with watercolors re-energized me! Not only for painting with acrylics but also to get back to sketching. With watercolors (at least this is my opinion) you need some ability to sketch. Unlike acrylic paints which are very forgiving, watercolors are not so forgiving. You need to plan where to apply color, how much, etc., in working with watercolors (similarly with oil pastels).

Some of my watercolors. Visit my website for more details.

All art displayed is my original art and duplication of it for sale is prohibited.

It is the end of Acrylic April (an event sponsored and taught by The Art Sherpa, a YouTube artist). This year AA has taken on 30 days of painting abstracts. The premises is doing one painting every day to improve your skill. It does work. I have done AA over the years. This year I am doing more selective painting from AA as I want to learn how to do Abstracts. I have not had much experience with abstract painting and have found the tutorials offered by The Art Sherpa to be enjoyable and fun. Checkout the Art Sherpa on YouTube She has a myriad of tutorials from just starting out to advanced. The YouTube tutorials are free but there is a paid subscription available at well. She just started a school. Visit her website for more information.

Returning to Acrylic April, these are some of the painting I did. I have been selecting what I want to do for AA. I paint daily.

All art displayed is my original art and duplication of it for sale is prohibited.

Ginger Cook, an acrylic artist, and YouTube Artist is another great source to learn from. She is the mother is The Art Sherpa, and the two have differing teaching styles and art styles. You see hints of each others styles but they are different. I am a member of the online art academy of Ginger Cook. Visit the link and check out the various plans available. Ginger Cook teaches a variety of styles and techniques; there is something there for everyone from beginners to advanced.

On YouTube Ginger Cook will be premiering videos for the next several weeks as she and her husband travel. Ginger has challenged her YouTube followers to paint the floral paintings she will be premiering while she is gone. When possible she and her husband, will be in the chat during the premier. Checkout and subscribe to her channel on YouTube Take her challenge. I guarantee you will paint some gorgeous flowers. I hope to participate, if the daily challenges of life do not interfere too much.

As I said I started sketching again. I am by no means a great sketch artist or exceptionally talented at drawing; it is an enjoyable past time and relaxing. The purpose of sketching is to help develop ideas. Generally if I can sketch and draw it, I can paint it. So I started sketching again. This time my focus has been on dogs and horses. These are some of the sketches as well as a couple of watercolor paintings I have done from these sketches.

All art displayed is my original art and duplication of it for sale is prohibited.

Take some time for yourself. Develop a hobby, new craft. It is good for everyone to have a hobby or craft that they enjoy. It adds to our longevity and happiness.

That is all for today. Until my next blog...


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