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Now you are paintings, you enjoy it and want to continue. Good paints are essential.

Quality Paint. The top brands are Golden, Holbein, Matisse and Liquitex. These brands are pricey but do make a difference. Some paints like the Cadium paints (contain cadium) are expensive. Unless the tube says Cadium and contains the poison symbol, it is not cadium paint and probably a cadium hue (cheaper than cadium paint).

Acrylic Paint Tubes

If the cost of one of the premier brands is a factor, look at good mid-range paints. These paints are good quality for painting without the price point of the top brands. They do not always have the pigment load of top brands, but are excellent none the less. I use a variety of paints including the top brands, but I also use Arteza Heavy Body Acrylic Paints as well. Arteza HB Paints do not have the cadium paints, so I use one of the top brands for the cadium paints as well as I use Golden's Titanium White. This is the best white on the market and you need top white to paint; white is how you lighten the paint. Put the money into a good white paint and as you grow add the cadium paints to your paint supplies.

Arteza Heavy Body Paints

Like brushes, using good paints instead of student grade paints will provide a better result and better experience for you. Watch for sales. Most of the large art suppliers like Jerry's Artarama, Dick Blick's Art Supplies and Cheap Joes Art Supplies, have sales on paints. Subscribe for emails to receive sales alerts. Arteza always has sales are various art supplies as well. Check with their site as well for any sales notices.

Until my next blog, happy painting.


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