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Some Thoughts!

I belong to an art group that is local for me. Art groups are good to join. First, you are among a group of people who share your love and passion for art. That is important. You can share tips and hints. You can ask opinions on what you are doing, or if you are having a difficult time getting a painting stroke right, or shading right or just losing your perspective. Members can help you. Remember experience can be shared!

There will be a membership fee, but it is usually not excessive. The group to which I belong has a membership fee of around $35.00.

A local art group has one big pro and that is you can see the work of other artists using mediums that will differ from you. That is invaluable! We learn from seeing, meeting, listening and talking.

A local art group can also give you an avenue to exhibit your work. Most art groups have art exhibitions where your work can be displayed. The art group to which I belong does around 4 exhibitions a year plus gives you notice of local places that might be hosting an exhibition or be willing to exhibit your work. Remember, there is a fee to exhibit your work. If you belong to a local art group your fee will be less than if you are answering their open call for art. Not every piece you present will be accepted; it is not that it is bad, it just does not meet their prospectus for that exhibit. As an artist you have to understand that your work may not be accepted. Always check the prospectus.

Sample Prospectus

You can also join on-line agency that will exhibit and help you sell your art. This comes with a fee which is usually a monthly fee. Exercise caution before doing more than using their free services. Most have a free option for one or two pieces. Some on-line agencies will host exhibits or be the clearing house for a gallery. This means, you submit the art, they review it to see if it meets the standards. If it does not, it will be rejected. Again it is not that your work is not good, just does not meet the gallery prospectus for that exhibit. I have had pieces rejected. Most rejections are that I did not meet the prospectus.

There are numerous groups on Facebook that your can join to share your work with other artists. These are good as you should receive positive feedback on your work. If you want some criticism, ask for constructive criticism (cc). Remember criticism should not be negative. It should be given in a positive manner, i.e., "I love the colors, but noticed that there is not enough contrast..." Negativity does not help, but something positive will help you see what you might have missed. We all miss something. It is hard to proofread your own work. Looking at your own painting is difficult to see where you might have missed your contrast, focal point is confusing or your composition needs to be edited.

Facebook groups can be helpful but they usually do not lead to information on exhibitions near you or open call notices. That is where a local art group can help. Make sure to take advantage of local and online art groups.


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