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I lost my desire to paint. What do I do?

I'm in a funk. I don't want to paint. I'm not interested in art of any sort. Why?

Every artist hits the wall where they just do not want to paint. There is usually no reason for it. It happens. Sometimes it is our mind telling us to step back, take a break.

In my opinion, an artist block is not a bad thing. It can help put into perspective the techniques you are learning. Learning to paint is like learning a new language. You are bombarded with art terms, brush techniques, color mixing to name a few things. It is good to stop and let your mind rest. You will come back stronger and believe it or not, the terminology and all the techniques will make sense. You will be a better artist for that brief time away.

Sometimes artist block can have to do with feeling divided. You have a lot going on in your life (life happens as someone once told me) and that can bring on artist block. Just step away, take the time needed to let life resume your normal. My household is busy; there is always something that needs attending or someone needing help. It can be hard to balance that, but sometimes stepping away and doing what you need to do is what you need. Your mind has a way of giving you the clues you need.

Sometimes artist block is just that-- a creative block. This is frustrating. Everyone has a different way of dealing; some try to push through (which does work), some step away and other change their Art medium. Whatever works, works. For me, if I am feeling blocked, frustrated with painting, I step away, but I do not stop being creative. I find another method to be creative. I will grab a pencil and sketch pad and do some sketching. Or I will grab my iPad and open Procreate and create some digital art. Or I will grab my alcohol markers and just draw. Sometimes, I just grab a good book and sit down and read.

For me, my artist blocks do not usually last long, but sometimes they can last a while. My advice is to think about your environment. What is going on? There is usually a trigger. Did someone offer negativity about your art or a specific painting? Do you feel that your family is not supportive? See if there is a deeper reason you are blocked if it lingers. Most of the time it resolves. Listen to your instincts, take a break if it tells you to do so. If you follow your instincts, it usually ends quickly and you will return more creative and a better artist. Breaks are essential to avoid burnout.

Until next time, happy painting.


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