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What is digital art?

Digital art is becoming more popular. You are able to use technology to create a drawing or painting. You can use digital art to help design a painting, drawing or other art. You can also use it to create art prints to sell.

Some question whether or not it is cheating. My opinion is that no, it is not cheating. The difference is you are using your computer or iPad to create your art instead of a traditional art surfaces like canvas, paper.

Why is it art? Simple, the elements of art are color, line, form, shape, space, texture and value. Does digital art meet this criteria. Yes. Like using a brush and canvas, you use a digital program to create a background, draw and design, determine the shape, scale, etc. You also can use a digital program to check value of color and contrast.

Some artists are using digital art to create NFTs. I have not created any NFTs and am not versed in it and the process, but it is another way to monetize your digital art.

I have a digital platform on my laptop, Rebelle 4. I am not well versed it that program, yet, but am still learning how to use it. You need a drawing tablet (in my opinion) to use it effectively and I am in the process of reviewing these a for future purchase.

Rebelle 4 Landing Page

I do use frequently Procreate for the iPad. It has an interface that is user friendly and it is easy to create art on it even for the beginner. The only expense (other than an iPad) is you need a stylus like the Apple Pencil to use it.

Procreate open on iPad

Apple Pencil

Digital art is a great way to practice your art being it painting, drawing or even pouring. You will be amazed at the improvement in your art ability.

Until next blog, happy painting.


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