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So You Want To Be An Artist

So You Want to be An Artist

Welcome Blog

Welcome to my blog. I am an artist and I go by the pseudonym, Catydid.

As thus blog develops, I will be offering tips and hints to help you in your art journey. My journey has been up and down from buying the wrong supplies to finding good art tutelage. I hope to help future artists avoid some of those pitfalls.

My first tip: Cheap supplies will not enhance your art experience. Somewhere between student grade and professional grade is a good area for novice or beginner artists.

I am an emerging artist. This means that I am growing both in skill and artistic voice. My art can be seen at Feel free to stopy by to see my portfolio of work.

At present I have not firmed my blogging schedule. I will be posting a new blog at least once a week. Check back weekly for new tips and hints. You might even get a small how-to through in.

Thanks for visiting. Check back for updates.


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