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My county is having a fair and I can enter my art for judging. Should I?

My county is having a fair and I can enter my art for judging. Should I?

Yes you should enter your artwork in your local county fairs for judging. It is a good experience for every artist. You are not as harshly judged as you could be in a juried exhibition. Generally the judges scoring and critique are given to you when you pick up your art. It will help you understand why your art scored as it did. This feedback can be invaluable and help you to continue to grown as an artist.

Each juried event has its criteria for submission. Download the submission requirements, and make sure you meet them. Most require framed art submissions, with the back being wired for hanging. Saw tooth hangers are not allowed.

Some have an art theme. If that is the case, create a painting that encompasses the theme.

All exhibitions require original art. This is a double edged sword. If you want to submit a painting based upon a tutorial, you can as it is your version of the artist's art, but if it is one that is splashed all over the internet, the submission may be denied. Make sure to give credit to the artist by stating it is based upon the design of that artist.

I always create an original art. I find a good reference and create a painting.

Have fun! It is supposed to be fun. Most county fairs will give you a first, second, third and honorable mention no money, but some juried exhibitions give you the opportunity to make money with a cash award.

Summer is here. Take advantage of it and enter your art in the local county fair.

Until my next blog, happy painting.


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