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Good References Make Great Art!

Every artist needs a reference to make great art. As an artist your cannot use someone's photograph unless you obtain their permission or your obtain it from a site that has references for you to use to paint.

Facebook has numerous pages with free references for artists. There are also sites on the internet that have free references. front page

I use Facebook groups for a lot of my references. I also like Pexels, Unsplash and Paint My Photos for references. Make sure the reference is unlicensed and available. It should stated this but do a google image search to be certain.


If you see a painting by a YouTube artist, contemporary artists, friends, or pictures on FB by any artists, those cannot be copied by you. If you do the tutorial by the YouTube artist you may paint it if you paint it using the video but you cannot copy or create art prints with that image and you must give that artist credit by saying either that your painting is based upon their tutorial or inspired by their tutorial. Any artist whose artwork is 100 or more years old may be reproduced by you, but again you should give credit.

Find a good reference to make great art. Until my next blog, happy painting.


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