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How do shapes help you in art?

Drawing A Flower Using Shapes

Shapes are important in art. When you are drawing or tracing you will note shapes. Let’s take a flower. The center is a circle.

Draw center. Draw a circle

Surrounding the center are petals. Depending upon the flower would determine the shape, but for this example, I would do a daisy like shape. The petals would be oval.

Draw petals; draw an oval

The stem, although round on a flower, is really a long thin rectangle.

Draw stem; draw thin rectangle

The final part will be the leaf on the flower. Those can be a variety of shapes, but for our daisy like flower, we will use an oval attached to a thin rectangle.

Draw Leaf; draw oval

When done you have a flower. It does have the flower appearance, but now we have to refine the shapes. The basic shapes are there, we need to refine it. You will use an eraser since this is being done in pencil. If on a painting, you would use chalk and wipe away unnecessary marks.

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