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2019 Awards

Second Place           - Sailing the Toms River

Third Place               - Aground

2022 Awards

First Place                - Desert Night in Teal

First Place                - Big Waves

Second Place           - Kids at Play

Second Place           - Still Life Sunflower in Glass Vase 

Honorable Mention - Desert Night in Teal 

2023 Awards

First Place                 - Pear in Abstract

First Place                 - Sea Turtle Coming

First Place                 - Salt & Pepper

First Place                 - Sunflower

First Place                 - Bayou View



Each year The Art Sherpa (Youtube Artist and Personality) sponsors a year long art quest for artists to take part.  You must paint either a painting based on the photo provided by TAS or an original painting.  I participated for the years 2020 and 2021 and earned the award Art Eagle for those years.  


Art Eagle Awards

2020    Art Eagle

2021    Art Eagle 

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